Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Additions to Our Home

Recently we welcomed two new ones into the family!  No, I didn't have more kids...we adopted two kittens in need of a good home.

Welcome to our home, Rosella (Zella) and Doggy!

Obviously, we let our children pick out the names.  Our two-year-old insisted, laughing, that his kitty would be named "doggy."  So we let it be.  Who knows, maybe a future picture book?

We're having a great time with our new furry friends, and I enjoy the late-night companionship when I'm writing or curled up with a book.  We'll see how I am in a few weeks when it's time to remove hair from the couches...

Do you have pets?  Are they named for other animals?  Or did your children come up with other creative names for them?  I want to hear!  Post your comment by clicking below!

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