Critique Service and Writing Mentorships by Miranda Paul

I have had a really great time over the past decade helping many of you find your footing in the publishing world through my freelance critique services. Thank you for those opportunities, and I'm so grateful when you check in and let me know your success stories!

If you haven't yet read my BIG news yet though, here's the link (specifically, the last piece of news is the most relevant to this page).

Basically, I'm now an intern at the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. To avoid any conflict of interest, I am no longer offering paid critique services or writing mentorships except at conferences or workshops for which I've been specifically contracted to do so.

If you have any questions about this decision, or to ask for recommendations of where to get a good professional critique, I am happy to receive your email message. Please go to to get in touch with me.

Happy writing! Even if I won't be able to help you develop your work in a critique or mentor capacity, I am still cheering you on!
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