Monday, January 21, 2013

Kid Poetry: 11-Year-Old Writes MLK Poem

Last week, as I was mulling over which book to review or what story to cover in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, an email crossed my desk about a young boy, Nathan, whom I'd interviewed a couple of years ago for a story about amazing kids who volunteer their time for great causes.

The email let me know that Nathan had been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. His mom further explained his condition, saying that, "If you give him a book he will read it front to back and will be able to tell you every single fact, but when you give him a pen and piece of paper it’s like he has a whole other person trapped in his body. He sounds generations older than he really is, like he lived his life already and came back to write about it."

I also learned that one of his biggest passions is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and every year he writes on this topic—not to enter a contest, but to share his thoughts and feelings. 

This year, I decided I had a venue to give him a voice. I hope you'll take a moment to read this poem from an 11-year-old boy with a lot of passion in his heart, that he hopes to share with you. So read and pass it on!


Poem by: Nathan VandenHoogen

Greater I’d be for his marching to our Nation capital!
The king’s voice ringed for fairness for his people
For victory came a death price…
Some people just don’t like mankind…that’s so unkind                                                                 
There is too much self-inflicted violence in this peace-like land.
He wanted rest, peace and freedom that is what is best!
My heart is like his…..
I am a kid! So? So I am small and weak, but soul is very smooth and strong.
So when I speak it will as a GIANT! I will not be silenced!
For in my heart I have a dream…
 A person is a person no matter how small and needs to be heard at any price!!!

Comments are open if you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan. Thank you!
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