Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pizza Around the World - Worldly Wednesday Summer Project

I shared on Facebook, but didn't share the good news here:

For Mother's Day, my husband and kids built me a stone pizza oven in the back yard.  

That's right.  A stone pizza oven.  WOW!

Beginning next Wednesday I am exploring the world via pizza.  Call it Pizza Around the World, or the Summer of Pizza, perhaps.  Twelve weeks of global toppings.  But it's not all fun and games–– it's delicious research for a manuscript I'm working on!  And, I'll pair each pie with a good book.

Basically, each "Worldly Wednesday," on my blog I'll explore new toppings or styles of pizza based on ingredients from different countries around the world.  That means I'm firing up the oven once each week and eating a new kind of pizza!  From mouth-watering to maniacal, there's no topping suggestion I won't consider...we'll see what the SUMMER OF PIZZA brings!  And as I mentioned, I'm going to share a book from, about, or set in that country.  So, pizza and a book!

But I need YOUR help.
I've got a few ideas already from the various countries I've traveled, but need to explore new toppings or pizza styles to cover 12 weeks of summer. What do people eat on pizza where you live?  Or, what do you IMAGINE would make a great pizza?   Please email me at mirandapaulbooks [at] gmail [dot] com and I might feature your pizza + country idea...and make it in my oven!


Next week, on my 6/6/12 Worldly Wednesday post, we'll "travel" to my husband's home island of St. Lucia via one of the most unique pizza toppings I've ever seen -- Tuna!  That's right, Tuna Pizza will be the week #1 Kickoff.  I hope you'll join us next week for Worldly Wednesday's Pizza Around the world with Tuna Pizza from Saint Lucia.

Peace, Love, and Pizza.  Comments are open!


Romelle Broas said...

A Stone Pizza Oven!!! You are going to be very popular in your neighborhood. Love it!
P.S. Sorry I don't have any pizza recipe to share with you.

Yanting Gueh said...

Sounds very fun! (I'm beginning to get hungry just by imagining the toppings ...)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

You're making me hungry! It's okay to eat pizza for breakfast at 6:30 AM, right? :) Alas, I don't have any recipes to share, or anything too exciting. My sister's family loves Hawaiian Pizza with pineapple and ham, and in out house we love vegetable pizza - the more veggies the better - peppers, onions, mushroom, sliced tomato, broccoli... Can't wait to read your series!

Miranda Paul said...

@Romelle - Thanks! Yes, the neighbors are coming over Saturday. If you think of any cool pizza toppings in the future, feel free to drop me a note. Thanks for stopping by!

@Claudine - I know...hungry!

@Susanna - you crack me up. Pizza for breakfast is classic. And I love veggies, too. Can't wait until I can make a pizza with all ingredients from my garden later this summer.

Marcia said...

What a cool gift and a cool summer project! I'll be interested in seeing how it goes. :)

Stacy S. Jensen said...

What a wonderful gift. Good luck and I'll happily read all your pizza adventures.

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