Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Worldly Wednesday: Tag...I'm It!

Have you ever played a GLOBAL game of tag?

Well, I'm It

I've been tagged by children's author Kelly Hashway.

Rules (if you're tagged): You must be tagged by someone; list 10 random facts about yourself; tag four more people. 

Ready or not, here I go!

1.  I once ate 13 helpings of mashed potatoes in a single sit-down on Easter Sunday (I think I still hold the record at Whipp's Dining Hall).

2.  My full "Gambian" name is really:  Mariama Sibo Janke Sillah.  Say that ten times fast.

3.  Although I have many stories (40+) published online and/or as apps...I've yet to snag a contract for my own single-author traditionally printed picture book.  I have edited three, though.

4.  Last night I celebrated my son/exchange student's 18th birthday.  It was his first birthday in America.  We ate hot dogs, pizza, and french fries.

5.  Sometimes, I dream in Spanish.

6.  The most hilarious Gambian folk tale I know is one called The Three Men of Tangana.  The heroic trait is foul air seeping from one's bottom.

7.  I have traveled to 11 countries.

8.  I don't have a traditional landline/house phone.

9.  I started Tweeting this year.

10.  My favorite book of all time is The Giver by Lois Lowry.

OK!  Passing it on...

1.  Anne E. Johnson
2.  Susan Manzke
3.  Melissa Gorzelanczyk
4.  Terrie Hope

OK - You four are it!

But I'm copying Kelly -- so the rest of you aren't off the hook. In the spirit of getting to know each other better, I want to know one random fact about you. What's something most people don't know about you?


Anonymous said...

1. I'm confused a lot of the time. Add this event to that list.
2. I don't really blog, so don't know how to continue. That's why I'm posting here.
3. Childhood nickname: Huey.
4. We have 2 dogs and three cats sharing our house.
5. Went to Canada twice.
6. Started writing when I was a sophomore in high school.
7. Found books in the seventh grade. That first book was Lassie come Home.
8. I have one sister and no brothers.
9. I grew up in the sticks in Illinois.
10. I'm happy and content much of the time.
Hope that's enough.
Don't know who to tag though.

Miranda Paul said...

Fantastic, Susan!

I was also confused when I got the original message saying I was "it!"

I love your childhood nickname -- and, for some reason thought you had many brothers and sisters.

Nice to know more about you. Now get those tomatoes inside before they freeze!

Claudine Gueh said...

Hi Miranda,

This is fascinating! Your new kid just celebrated the age of freedom in a whole new country. =)

Okay, I'll try one: I have 3 sisters and we're all about the same age (like 1-2 years apart).

(Didn't realize Anne had tagged me ... teehee, I'll post mine next week and tag four more.)

Miranda Paul said...

That's awesome, Claudine - 3 sisters relatively the same age! :) What a joy.

KatieC said...

Lots of fun! One fact about myself? I would eat spaghettios with meatballs everyday if they weren't so bad for you! Yes, my secret is finally out!

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