Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worldly Wednesday: Joining Authors Worldwide

So I've decided to join a campaign of writers from around the globe in a platform building venture. 

I'm not entirely sure I understand what I'm getting into -- but I do know that meeting other writers and professionals in the industry has been a tremendous help to me as a writer and in figuring out the entire business aspect of writing.

So why not meet a couple hundred more?

Through the process of learning about this online campaign of writer networking, I've come to realize that writers truly are special people.  In other industries, individuals within the same trade view and treat each other as rivals.  But even though other writers are technically my "competition," we don't treat each other that way (at least the ones genuinely interested in producing great literature).  We work together, keeping slush off the store shelves.  We share writing tips, critique each others' manuscripts, and even share inside information on publishing houses

I guess, in that respect, it takes a village to write a book.  So I'm becoming a more active part in the global village of writers.

Interested in learning more about Rachael Harrie, the Australian Writer behind the massive worldwide campaign to connect writers?  She's got more than 1,000 followers on her blog and tons of useful information for writers. Visit her website and learn more about blog hopping around the world.  Then join us, if you can -- August 31 happens to be the official deadline.

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