Thursday, May 26, 2011

Waiting for Summer...

I should be prepared.  Or at least feel forewarned.  After all, I was born in (and consciously chose to move back to) Wisconsin.

My city's nickname, The Frozen Tundra, sounds much better it echoes among the roar of a 70,000+ crowd at Lambeau Field.  But when it's almost June and I'm sporting thick tube socks, sending my daughter to school with a winter coat and debating about tucking mittens in her's a little depressing.

I've always found it difficult to write on really nice, sunny days when I want to play outside with my kids.  But cold weather when it's supposed to be nice is even worse.  The sun is out, but it's windy and freezing for late May.  The weather is snickering at me inside my head, making it impossible to think.  I'll make a deal with you, Wisconsin.  Warm up and I'll only spend half the day outside, and the other half writing.  Or maybe I'll just write outside.

For now,  I'll go read Holler Loudly by Cynthia Leitich Smith again for inspiration (my son's latest pick from the library and one of the longest books he can sit through without fidgeting).  It's about a boy who tames the weather with his hootin-hollerin-cowboy yell.  Although, in his case, he wrestles a tornado.  I need a character who can teach an old sun new tricks.  Sit.  Stay.  All Day - in Green Bay.

Sounds like a writing challenge.  Here I go...YEEEEE-HAW!

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