Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do I Really Have to Submit My Work? A Call for the Publishing Fairy

I've written more than a dozen pieces since the beginning of this month.  February's muse has certainly been good to me (perhaps that's why my blog posts have been lagging lately).

I've had some steady freelance work, my critique groups have been giving stellar feedback to my most recent manuscripts, and my winning contest entry is published this month.

That being said, I've yet to break into the children's market.  Why?  I haven't played the game.

That's right, with a pile of more than 25 picture books and MG stories, I've still not submitted anything to a publishing house.  Why not?  Probably because I've educated myself–a lot–and I know what to expect!  I've read almost every How To, Market Guide and other book on the topic of getting children's literature published.  With so much success in my writing endeavors lately, perhaps I'm afraid of that first inevitable "rejection letter." Or, perhaps, I'm such a perfectionist that I want to be that "one" diamond in the rough who gloats, "the first thing I submitted got published."  Either way, I'd rather spend the extra time now doing research and enjoying a shorter path to success later.

Because I own a copy of almost every (current) market and publication guide, and I seem to be adding to my collection of catalogs, how to books, etc. on a daily basis,  I think that when I finally submit one of my works, I'll have a good shot.  There is a lot more research out there for me to do, so a good thing I'm not in a hurry for the "sacks of money" I hear come along with publishing works for children.  Truly, I enjoy it, and my daughter is loving the stories.

In the mean time, though, I'm still putting out a call for the Publishing Fairy.  Hear my cry:  If you exist, there will be a manuscript under my pillow tonight waiting for you to take it to the Editor's Castle.

I'll keep you, my loyal readers, "in the know" if I've got some coins (or a magic contract) under the pillow in the morning.

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Ms. Ilian said...

Like you, I write stories for children that i don't submit for publishing. Instead i make them into little books that I sell or give away. The children who read my stories love them, and I've gotten good feedback from adults as well. I too have a call out to the publishing fairy... so if she comes to you, send her to me next, and I will do the same for you.

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