Saturday, January 16, 2010

Writing Fun: Turning the Ho-Hum into Humdingers

Recently, I was awarded a freelance writing job (out of 20 other writers bidding on the project) which turned out to be extraordinarily fun (and quite a challenge)!

Generous parents donated everyday run-of-the-mill items for their school auction, and the school was looking for a creative copywriter to rewrite the descriptions to entice bidders and jazz up their auction booklet!

With a smashing proposal letter, my bid was chosen!  But when the descriptions came, some were a bit scarce (note:  I didn't have photographs of any of the items).  With my clever background in catalog writing, however, I put a spin on each item and cranked out some awesome descriptions!

For example, I was given:  black nylon ruched prada evening bag

And turned it into:
My Mommy Wears Prada: Black Prada Ruched Evening Bag
Is it hot in here or is it  Italian-made, New York Chic.  For all that you do, treat yourself to an authentic designer nylon purse in black that goes great with everything.  Justified with an auction-style bargain and a charitable cause, even hubby won't have any reason to protest your impulse buy.  Go for it, girl!

And I was given: $100 gift card to Williams-Sonoma

And turned it into:
Extreme Home Makeover:  Williams-Sonoma $100 Shopping Spree
Uncle Joe's Christmas gift didn't quite make the grade?  Head to Williams-Sonoma with this $100 gift card and pick up the special home or kitchen gadgets you really wanted over the holidays.  Stretch your dollar even further - gift cards are good on sale and clearance merchandise too!  As for Uncle Joe's present, we smell a "re-gift."

Anyway, it was a very fun job and I enjoyed the atypical writing challenge (it beats SEO keyword articles anyday!).  Want to know how to snag jobs like this...?  Compete with a world full of writers at Elance and who might just be getting paid to do some awesome creative writing! Click this link to get started!

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