I spend most of my free time actually writing and revising my work, so blogging is done during my break time or before I open my unfinished manuscripts for the day.  I invite you to spend as much time reading my blog as you want, but if you're a writer (and I suspect you are), cut yourself off and go write after 30 minutes...OK?

The posts on this blog—except ones marked as 'guest posts'—are written by me, author Miranda Paul—and many of them were written in the years before I was published. Feel free to share links to them, and snippets, but you may want to check with me first to see if I've got updated advice if it was written awhile ago.  My new website is available at www.mirandapaul.com, as you've probably noticed my blog doesn't get much attention these days. If you want to copy an entire article, please contact me first for permission.  Thanks for respecting my labor of love.

Wishing you all the best,

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