Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Every Aspiring Writer Should Know About "The Writing Life"

I've learned a lot about the writing life over the past decade. And there's still so much I discover as my path bends and diverges with each new assignment, manuscript, or phase of my journey. Next month, I'll be speaking about that journey to a room full of new and published authors and illustrators.

But as I share my inspiring, humorous, and even painful stories with writers, I realize that my path is only one path. So I turn to you, fellow writers, and ask you to share with me a little bit about your journey. Specifically, I want to know what you might tell a new or aspiring writer (young or old) about the realities of being a writer? Here's the call I posted on Facebook earlier:

WRITERS: I am working on my keynote speech for the Wisconsin Writers Association conference for the fall and would love your input. My speech is about the realities of "The Writing Life". If you were to share one tip or surprising aspect about the journey toward making writing your career, what would you say to aspiring writers of all ages? (And let me know if I may share/credit any of your words of wisdom in my speech)?

Feel free to e-mail responses if you have something to add. I'm not sure what I'll be able to incorporate into my speech, but my intention is to make sure I speak to every type of writer in the room at the conference, including those who self-publish, those who are older than me, those who write in different genres or for different markets, etc. Thank you for your help!


carrie pearson said...

I thought once my first book was finally published, I might feel like I'd "made" it. But all that success did was make me want to do it again, and again, and again!

Miranda Paul said...

Thank you, Carrie, for that insight. While I've had work-for-hire and ghostwritten stories or magazine pieces published, I'm so excited for that "made it" moment of having a hardcover book! And I already feel like I want to do it again and again! I appreciate your note, and thanks for stopping by.

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