Friday, July 5, 2013

Road Trip Recap!

You may have been wondering where I have been.

I will tell you.

In the month of June, our family packed up the car and traveled 2,450 miles.

Here are some of the highlights:

Let's pack up and go!
First official stop: Fishing outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin! We caught (and released) several blue gill.

Second official stop: The Candy Factory! (Indiana)

(The Candy Factory was a hit.)
Third Official Stop: Cincinnati

While in Cincinnati, the kids tagged along as Baptiste & I did some research at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Looks whose books we saw in the gift shop!

A family shot near the eternal flame on the roof at the UNRFC.

Words to live by!

Fourth Official Stop: Kentucky
Nice little park where we fed the birds on the other side of the Ohio River in KY

Fifth Stop: Penns Cave, PA

Sixth Stop: Philadelphia, PA
Visiting the Fairmont Water Works in Philly was an awesome way to envision new back matter for my forthcoming book, WATER IS WATER. (I love when research and brainstorming feels like vacation.)

My niece and son learned a lot about "where water goes when you flush"!

Seventh Stop: Washington, D.C. - visiting a friend who works for National Geographic!

Eighth Stop: Library of Congress! I can't believe my books are going to be here soon.  *wow*

Look whose book I found in the Library of Congress YRC!

Ninth Stop: ALA Convention in Chicago, IL - I got to meet Wendy Henrichs!

And Lori Degman and I chatted RYS and more. . .

Where else would I see a Schmidt/Rohmann duo so ready to pose but in my publisher's booth?

Laura Vaccaro Seeger! Caldecott Honor Medalist! She called me her "housemate". :)

Who doesn't LOVE Candace Fleming? Had to get her latest one signed for my daughter.

I love my editor.

So glad to finally meet another "housemate" (at my other house) - Laura Purdie Salas!

Yes, that is Jon Klassen shaking editor Sharon Verbeten's hand.

Kadir Nelson needs no caption for greatness, I assure you!

Doesn't it look like Peter Brown and I are up to something in this photo.....?

Chris Myers graciously poses with me at the Caldecott/Newberry/Ingalls Award Banquet.

Suzanne Walker with Sammy the Interviewing Toucan!

Katherine Patterson accepting the Laura Ingalls Wilder award. AMAZING!!

Tenth and final stop: The beach by our house in Wisconsin!

Are we home yet??

Thanks for visiting! Now, I've got a lot of writing to catch up on......


Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Wow! What a trip! You got to see and experience so many interesting things and meet so many wonderful people! Glad you had such a good time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i ask you something? You seem to know a lot about children books and illustrations. The thing is, I’m looking for children books with “scary” animal illustrations like the big bad wolf (or a fox) eating pigs (or seven kids or Red Riding hood or birds in Chicken Little) or being pictured with a fat stomach. Could be any other animal as well. I need it for my research. Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Romelle Broas said...

What an amazing trip. Miranda! You have a lovely family. It's so nice that you can share your writing journey with them as well. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

Ruth Schiffmann said...

Wow! That looks like quite a trip. Thanks for sharing the pix.

Patricia T. said...

What a trip! Love the photo journey. You drove right past me. I live north of Cincinnati off I-75. Looks like you accomplished what your wanted to do and your family had fun doing their thing! You have a lovely family.

Homer said...

This is cool!

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