Friday, September 28, 2012

Presentation at the Wisconsin Writers Association

I know...I've been a little absent from my own blog.  But it's because I've been very active in submitting and publishing a lot of work.  Yay!

This weekend, I hope to see many of you at the Wisconsin Writers Association (WWA) Fall Convention.  I'll be delivering a pirate-themed presentation all about tips I've learned from being on the editorial side of the publishing game, through my gigs as founder of as well as the editor for several independent children's app publishers and small presses.

If you're a writer actively submitting to the slush, I believe my presentation will be worth your while.  However, there are several other awesome keynote speakers and presenters, as well as breakout sessions.  Wish me luck!  Read all about the conference here.


Robert LeHew said...

Hi Miranda,

As a board member of Wisconsin Writers Association and an attendee of your "pirate talk" program I want to thank you for a fantastic presentation and a job well done. I heard many compliments about you. I hope we have you back soon.


Robert LeHew
WWA Board member

Miranda Paul said...

Thanks Robert! I hope to be back soon as well. Appreciate the comment.

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