Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saint Martin Pizza / Sint Maarten Pizza - and a Book

As promised, this pizza is pretty ridiculous.

Not necessarily for what's on it, though.

I came up with the idea for today's pizza after getting an email from one of my favorite scuba dive operators -- Octopus Diving in Saint Martin.  Every time Sally and Chris send an email, I remember our trip there almost two years ago when we held urchins, spied lobsters, stirred up a ray off the sea floor and made sure to stay far away from the fire coral.

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While driving back to my sister-in-law's house (she lives on sunny Sint Maarten), I realized how dramatically different the two sides of the island were.  In case you're not familiary, Saint Martin / Sint Maarten is divided in half.  The French own one side, the Dutch the other.  And you can tell.

Map of the Caribbean island of w:Saint Martin divided between French and Dutch halves. Made in Corel Painter IX by User:Astrokey44. Category: Saint Martin

The Dutch side is dramatically built up with casinos, cruise ports, and shopping centers.  It's a bit of a concrete jungle in some areas, actually.  The French side, in contrast, is wildly green.  Charming cafes dot the roadsides, but the biggest draws are nature sites like the Butterfly Farm.

So, in honor of the strange, divided geography of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten, here's a pizza in the shape of the island.  One side is built up with modern toppings like pepperoni.  The other is full of fresh green herbs and leaves from my very own backyard garden.

To be quite honest, the reason it took me so long to post this was that I needed to find a book with both French and Dutch connections.  And it just so happens that the YA novel I picked up last week fills the need.

I'll let you read it to find out the Dutch connections :)

Happy eating, happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Hi Miranda...sounds like a really interesting pizza combo. :)
Your post brought back lovely the late 80's, my husband and I were in St. Maarten...we ate at a lovely restaurant and while we were eating, a young woman came in, selling beautiful oil paintings, unframed, that her brother had painted. We bought one and had it framed when we came home and it is still in a place of honor in our's a picture of the harbor. We remember the restaurant and St. Maarten for another reason...the bathrooms were unisex...something we had not experienced before. :)

Ruth Schiffmann said...

Loved The Fault in Our Stars! The minute I finished the last page, I flipped back to the beginning and read it again.

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