Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potato Pizza? A Cultural Mash-up

It's Worldly Wednesday! 

Today, I'll get straight to the point - our summer of pizza is a mash-up today.  When I called out for suggestions, a good friend from Japan indicated that he liked some pretty unusual toppings, and his wife led me to this site.

Now, her husband's favorite is the fish egg pizza, but I couldn't find fresh Japanese fish eggs at the farmer's market.  So, I went with the cultural mash-up of potatoes and bacon.

So, this week's pizza is a German-Japanese hybrid.  Here are both flags, for your reference:

And, here is the pizza!  (Note: make sure potatoes are boiled until soft before putting them on the pizza, or it's a gamey starch-fest in your mouth.)

Along with the dually-inspired ingredients, I welcome two stories as well.

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU by Hans Wilhelm (German-American author) and 

GRANDFATHER'S JOURNEY by Allen Say.  Have you read these books?!

Happy reading, happy eating, and see you next Wednesday for an even crazier pizza!  Yes, that's right.  The hardest one I'll probably ever make. 

Comments open!  Thanks for stopping by and having a slice with me!


patientdreamer said...

Potato, Bacon Pizza sounds interesting and one I know I would love. Not so sure about the fish

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I'm with Diane! :) And love the books :)

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