Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peanut Butter Pizza - Inspired by The Gambia

The pizza is (finally) here!

Inspired by my favorite Gambian dish, domodaa, this pizza is probably the most unique yet!  Since domodaa is traditionally made with tomato paste, onions, peanuts, oil, spices and meat - it's really not all that much of a stretch to imagine it on pizza.

Here's the Gambian flag:

And here's a photo of groundnuts in Gambia (they are not called peanuts).  And peanut butter is called degee. (Deh-GAY).

Here is a photo of my own homemade domodaa.  You can click here for a recipe.

And...the peanut butter pizza!  (which tasted better than it looked)

Accompanying this gooey-ooey pizza is the most beloved Gambian folk tale: Kumba Am and Kumba Amul.  This version is the kid-friendly rewrite co-authored by Cornelius Gomez and me.  Over the last decade, I've probably heard/read more than a dozen versions of this story!

Click here to read this Gambian Folk Tale!

So, enjoy another slice of peanut butter pizza and then join us next week for a cultural mash-up: a German-Japanese hybrid.  If you think that sounds strange, the week after is pretty unbelievable, too.

Comments open!  Happy 4th of July!


Joanna said...

Loved reading Kumba Am and Kumba Amul.

I kind of overdosed on ground nut sauces when I lived in West Africa, Though did develop a taste for the Indonesian ones when I lived in the Neths!

Carter Higgins said...

Whoa, I gotta try that. Looks and sounds delicious!

Tina Cho said...

Wonderful story, Miranda! I love the Gambian feel on your blog!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Peanut butter and pizza sounds like a wacky combination! I may have to try it just to see if it tastes as weird as it sounds :)

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