Friday, April 6, 2012

The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye - Perfect Picture Book Fridays

This Friday is no ordinary Friday.  It's a solemn day, yet part of a deep and radiant story rich with meaning.  The painted blue sky and beaming sunshine happen to be in full force here, a reminder to me that life goes on brilliantly after death.  And without suffering, our great moments wouldn't seem so great.  

It is with these thoughts that I share a picture book with you my daughter has read every night this week–one that has challenged her and gripped her emotionally.  It's a soft book, a "quiet" picture book, yet captured my daughter's attention easily.  Last night, she finally realized what it was all about: saying goodbye at the end of life.  And I realized again how powerful picture books can be.

In conjunction with Good Friday, our household is celebrating our kittens' first birthdays–an event that recently sparked my daughter to ask, "How many years do cats live, exactly?"  

Today's Perfect Picture Book doesn't answer that question, but has taken my daughter and I through an emotional journey of one cat's last moments in the most beautiful way possible.

Today's Perfect Picture Book is...

The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye

By Jane Yolen

Illustrator: Jim LaMarche

Publisher: Random House, 2011

Age: 5-12

Category: Death, Loss, Pet, Nature

From Amazon:  "Not since The 10th Good Thing About Barney or I'll Always Love You has there been such a peaceful and inspiring book to help children and adults cope with the loss of a pet...Tiger Rose's kitten days are long gone and she's grown too tired to stay, so she says her goodbyes to all the creatures and the joys of her natural world—from the scolding blue her favorite shady patch under a piney bush.

Opening Page:
The day Tiger Rose said goodbye
was a soft spring day, the sun only half risen.
Little brilliant butterflies,
like bits of colored paper,
floated among the flowers.

Why I chose it:  See above.  But I also chose it because it's written boldly.  Every word used is used on purpose.  Jim LaMarche's colored sketches are beautiful as well.

Resources:  Please see Patricia Tilton's website for more resources.  She also chose this as a Perfect Picture Book in 2011.  You can learn more about Perfect Picture Book Fridays at Susanna Leonard Hill's blog.

Comments are open.
Happy Easter, everyone! 


Joanna said...

I think this is the best picture book I have read on the subject of losing a pet. It is real, touching but not sentimental, and, as you say, the text is powerful! Great choice for this day, Miranda.

Robyn Campbell said...

Wonderful, poignant story. I started a story on loosing a parent using a bird family. I will add this to my collection. Wonderful choice. *waving*

Patricia T. said...

My favorite pet loss book for children! Jane Yolen does an outstanding job. She shows death as a natural progression of life and how Tiger Rose seems to know.

Heather said...

I have not heard of this book, but as we have two very elderly pets it sounds like one that I should introduce to my younger boys. Thank you!

patientdreamer said...

When I saw the cover and started reading, I thought, I have seen and read something about this book before..... of course! my friend Pat had reviewed it last year. It's beautiful, beautiful message, beautiful illustrations and loved the resources. thankyou Miranda.

GatheringBooks said...

Hi there Miranda, we are huge Jane Yolen fans but this is one that I haven't seen nor heard of yet, thank you for letting us know about this. A good friend of mine just lost her dog and she still grieves until now. I have a feeling that this book would also bring comfort to her.

This Kid Reviews Books said...

This is a great book for PPBF. It is really hard to loose a pet or even think about loosing a pet.

Marcia said...

This looks beautiful.

I'm not a PB writer, but I wish the market were more open to quiet PBs in general.

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