Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Worldly Wednesday: Miranda's Mix-it-Up Writing Contest

Worldly Wednesday is here!  And that means no more waiting for my secret writing contest!

Here's my inspiration:

In our family's household, we're a mixed bunch.  Between my husband and I we represent at least 9 ethnicities on four continents (from what we know).  Add in our exchange student and there's at least 10.

Therefore, we celebrate a lot of holidays 'round these parts. Now, sometimes that causes us to stir up our "melting pot" giggles or bark out a "mutt" joke.  But sometimes, like in February, we look down from the branches of our sturdy family tree and take pride in the powerful roots our ancestors secured for us–a beautiful view.

So as we're geared to celebrate Chinese New Year -- and Black History month -- and Leap Day -- and Saint Lucia's Independence Day -- and President's Day (to name a few upcoming February holidays)...

I got to thinking...

...about mixing-it-up... writing.

What would an Epic Limerick sound like?
Have you ever tried to write an Acrostic Sonnet?
How about a story in prose...with characters who speak only in haiku?
A Textspeak Tale?
A Picture Book Play?
A News Article Fable?

The Mix-it-Up possibilities are endless.  

And that, my friends, is your impetus.

Here are the rules to enter Miranda's Mix-it-Up Writing Contest:

1) You must be a follower of my blog to enter the writing contest.  You can subscribe via email or click follow on the sidebar where you see everyone's teeny faces.

2) Your entry must be 500 words or less.  Not counting the title.

3) You must write an original story, poem, article...whatever...that mixes up at least two genres of storywriting, types of poetry, styles of writing, etc..  Please label which genres/styles/etc. you've "mixed" within your introduction or above your entry.

4) You must post your entry on your blog page or website with a link back to this original contest page by Midnight on FEB 6 **EXTENDED**.

5) Enter the link to your contest entry using the form below (scroll to end).

6) You may not enter more than three different storypoembookhybridwhatevers.

Those are the rules.  Now on to the judging and prizes.

1.  I will choose and announce finalists at my blog on tuesday, Feb. 7th.  The number of finalists will be decided based upon the number of total entries (i.e. 10 entries, about 2 finalists...100 entries, about 20 finalists).

2.  Voting will then take place online (here on my blog) for the finalist entries.  You'll have until Friday morning (Feb. 10) to vote.  I will announce the winner later on Friday, Feb. 10th.

First prize = $20 in Barnes and Noble Gift Cards + a hardcover copy of Tales From China: World Favorite Fables + Bragging Rights

Second Prize = A hardcover copy of Tales From China: World Favorite Fables + Bragging Rights

How will I choose finalists?  Hard to say!  But... 
Follow the rules.
Tell a story with a beginning middle and end, or wow us with your poetry.
Be original.
Bonus points if your contest entry seems appealing to kids or is "friendly" for all ages.
Negative points for explicit language.  I reserve the right to remove a link if I feel it's not in good taste or is offensive.
I love humor and heart - make me laugh or make me cry.  Or both, if you can.

Now, write, write, write and post your link below in the form!  Comments are also open, so contact me if you have questions.  GOOD LUCK!!!


Pat Zietlow Miller said...

I like the idea of a news article fable. I'm toying around with the idea of a news article fairy tale myself.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Miranda this sounds like so much fun! I totally want to do it but am so swamped I don't know if I'll get anything written by January 31st. We'll see... But great idea and I look forward to reading everyone else's even if I don't manage to enter myself!

JenFW said...

Oh, how interesting. Literary mash-ups. Hmm...I'll have to give that one some thought. It's a super-fun idea.

Miranda Paul said...

Hi all! Glad that you think this is a fun and interesting idea! Since it's my first contest, I have a feeling the odds of all participants will be very good! Can't wait to read the entries. :)

Kelly Hashway said...

These are very clever, Miranda. You might be on to something here.

Oh, and I'm 6 different nationalities. My husband is two, so my daughter is 8 all on her own. :) Go mutts!

Kelly Hashway said...

Miranda, when I commented I forgot to tell you that I gave you an award on my blog today. Stop by.

Allyn Stotz said...

Miranda, this sounds like a fun contest. I won't be able to participate this go around but I wish everyone luck and have fun with it!

Miranda Paul said...

@Kelly - yes, go mutts! Thanks for the blog award, too.

@Allyn - sorry to hear you can't time! But congratulations on your book, The Pea in Peanut Butter, being named a "PERFECT PICTURE BOOK" today on Robyn's blog! Celebrate!

Miranda Paul said...

Ok lurkers (I know you are many because of page views) - who else is planning to enter? Has anyone posted yet?

Remember, it's just a blog contest. Doesn't have to be perfect! And I'll post an example on Wednesday just to whet y'alls whistle (yes, some people say y'alls).

patientdreamer said...

Yikes.... she can see us!..LOL.
Have to go away and think and come back and reread the rules...LOL. This sounds very cool.

Unknown said...

I think I can do this. Time to start writing soon I guess. Thank goodness it's only 500 words or less. Thanks for having this btw :)

Lori Degman said...

What a clever idea - I'm in!! Now, I just need to think of which styles I'm going to mix . . .

Miranda Paul said...

Jennifer & Lori - looking forward to your entries! I'll write one up tonight and post as a sample tomorrow!

Miranda Paul said...

YAY Nessa for posting the first entry!! Check it out by clicking above (#1).

Now, everyone else go ahead and post for maximum exposure! The link entry form is above.

Damon Dean said...

This was a fun zany idea! I had to pare my story down quite a bit (it was overcrowded) but came out better than it began. Can't wait to see the entries and how everyone handled this fun concept.

Miranda Paul said...

Damon, your entry was great! I hope everyone will check it out and I can't wait to see the others, too.

Rena J. Traxel said...

I just finished writing mine. I Found out about this over at the 12x12 challenge!

Miranda Paul said...

@ Rena - Fantastic! Make sure to post the link above where you see the other two. Just fill out the form. Can't wait to read it!

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