Monday, December 19, 2011

Mommy Monday: Princesses Learn Spanish

My "princess" learns Spanish weekly at school - and I'm thrilled to have her enrolled in a school that values language education during the preschool and elementary years.  But in between her weekly lessons, it's nice to practice.  This app, Princesses Learn Spanish, is an interactive way for her to keep up the enthusiasm and performance in Spanish.  

It's especially fun to have it now in my household as I was a contributor to the fairy tale adaptations, and my daughter LOVES the fact that her mommy is writing princess stories (I don't do it too often!).  It's a lot like their other releases, Princesses Learn Chinese and Princesses Learn French which were big hits with my daughter.

I suppose I'd better go practice or she's going to be more fluent than I am!

Do you write for app companies?  Do your kids play app games or read books that are Android or iPad apps?  How about their schools - do your elementary-aged children have the opportunity to learn a second language?  Comments are open below!


Beth Manners said...

Our schools started teaching Spanish in Kindergarten. My kids - now 15 and 20 are both fluent. Keep it up! Check out free coloring sheets to learn spanish.

Miranda Paul said...

Thanks for the comment Beth and I sure hope that others check out your site with free coloring pages!

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