Monday, December 5, 2011

Mommy Monday: Hip Mama

Today, I learned that a colleague of mine–Caroline Wood–was published in Hip Mama: The Parenting Zine.  Her article, "Love and Life in the Himalayas," chronicles the relocation of her family–including her 16-month-old daughter, Poppy–to the rice-paddies of Nepal. 

A story of itself, Caroline's experience is made all the more diverse and unique in that her family also includes her wife–Poppy's other mother. 

The story begins...

Download the Article / Current Issue
You can download (or request a print copy) with Caroline's article in "Issue #50: The Home Issue" at the Hip Mama website.

About Hip Mama
Hip Mama has been in print since 1993 and is a worker-owned collective publishing a thematic quarterly of the personal stories of radically diverse experiences of parenting to promote solidarity and compassion across all boundaries, resisting the powers of silence.The mission of Hip Mama is to give a voice and platform for mothers to express their parenting choices styles that are otherwise not covered by mothering magazines. 

Submit to Hip Mama
Are you a "hip mama" that would like to submit to the magazine?  Upcoming themes include space and time, support for pregnant women/mothers, and race and gender issues.  The submissions information for Hip Mama can be found online at:

Comment Below
Have you ever had a "hip mama" moment?  Done something radically outside the norm of parenting?  In the name of raising your child(ren) to be honest, free-thinking individuals?  Comments welcome!

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