Monday, November 21, 2011

Mommy Monday: Like Mother, Like Daughter

When I had my daughter, I hoped she'd be a reader.  So, I read to her every night and filled her room with books.  We attended storytimes at the library and painted scenes from books with watercolors. 

She began reading simple sentences at age three, and finished her first chapter book (with a little help) a few months ago at the age of five. 

This morning, I went to wake her up (her LEAST favorite thing to do - wake up in the morning), and found her light on.  I opened the door, only to see my daughter with two stacks of books.  "This pile I read already this morning," she said, "and these I want to read before school today."

I grinned from ear to ear.  Of course, I told her I didn't think we had time to read fourteen more books before school, but that I'd leave them waiting there for when she came home from school.

My daughter loves to read.  Now, it's my hope that she'll stay a reader for life.

And, that I can repeat this with my son.  While I have the same dream for him, I'm not sure I'll take the same approach with the boy.

Do you have kids?  Boys or girls?  Are they readers?  Strategies?

Comment and help me raise TWO lovers of books!


KatieC said...

This is GREAT Miranda! My 5 year old daughter loves to be read to, but HATES to read herself. Sigh. I have been reading to her, taking her to the library, etc. since she was a baby. I hope she changes her mind.

As for a boy? No idea : ) Maybe buy "boyish" subjects that will be the most likely to appeal to him? Good luck!

Miranda Paul said...

Great idea Katie - In fact, we've got firefighter books up the wazoo now :) His attention span currently sits for board books, but not more than say, 300 words or so. But here's to hoping (he's only 2).

Ruth Schiffmann said...

Hi Miranda,

Yay! for kids who love books =D

I have two book-loving daughters. We were lucky enough to live right near a wonderful library as they grew up and we visited it almost every day. We checked out gobs of books and read together all the time. Even when they were old enough to read on their own, we always had one book going that we read together as a family.

Anne E. Johnson said...

Miranda, I'd suggest you speak to a librarian about boy-centered books for the very young. Or contact SCBWI and ask for recommendations. I know there's a rich selection of books for boys 7-12, but I don't know anything about toddler-lit.

Kelly Hashway said...

I read to my daughter before she was born. Yes, I read to my pregnant belly. And once she was born, I would hold books up in front of her and read to her. She'd fall asleep most times, but I continued to do it. She has two huge book shelves and sneaks books into bed during nap time and bedtime. I think my plan worked. ;)

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