Monday, November 28, 2011

Mommy Monday: 37 FREE Books!

Apparently, parent demand for all of my 'I Like Books' series to be packaged as a set has prompted my publisher to release a new, combined app of them!  GrasshopperApps recently packaged every title - PLUS a few NEW ones that were previously unreleased - into one App of 37 stories!  And, the compilation of digital stories is currently being offered for free!

I don't know how long GrasshopperApps will make my books available for free and packaged together as 37 books-in-one, but if you've got early readers at home and want to download some awesome interactive books, check out the latest I Like Books app on iTunes.

The new, previously unreleased titles that are ONLY available by downloading this app include:
I Like Dad
I Like Winter
I Like Letters
I Like Montessori
I Like Shapes
and I Like My Body.

It's always fun to see new 'versions' released of something you've written, but I'm incredibly excited at the warm reviews of my toddler books and how so many parents and educators have really found them useful at home and in the classroom!

(I would suggest buying the I Like Books App for someone for a holiday present - but right now you don't have to buy it since it's free.)

Happy Holidays! And, if you 'like' these books, don't forget to 'Like' GrasshopperApps on Facebook or tell them you love the new App!


Ruth Schiffmann said...

Wow, Miranda! Free books are always fun, but free books from an author friend are even better. Yay!!

Miranda Paul said...

Thanks for the comment! I agree that free books are great. Hope you enjoy the digital books in the I Like Series!

Kelly Hashway said...

That's great, Miranda! Congratulations. It's always nice to know your audience is demanding your books! :)

Marcia said...

Congrats, Miranda!

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