Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Worldly Wednesday: Princesses Learn Chinese

Recently, another App company for whom I write (Early Languages, LLC - a member of Moms with Apps) has released a new interactive book for kids (well, girls, mostly) - called Princesses Learn Chinese.

I'm excited about the Princesses Learn Chinese App for a number of reasons (other than the fact that I helped adapt the fairy tale stories in them).  First, the company's founders have a genuine love of languages and an inspiring background rooted in education.  Secondly, the App comes with so much more than just stories - there are games (like Bingo), songs, and even fun drawing pages (that teach the colors in an ingenious way!).  Thirdly, considering the fact that within three decades or less, the majority of Chinese youth will be speaking English, the App isn't just a great tool for those learning Mandarin - but it can easily serve both Chinese and English-speaking populations.

Enough analysis, though - what did my kids think?

It was a huge hit with my 5-year-old, plus there are several activities suited for my 2-year-old as well!  My daughter hasn't stopped singing the "Ni hao ma" song (How are you, Snow White?) since we downloaded the App.  And, she memorized it in a single sitting.

The illustrations are bright (and girly) and my daughter is once again excited about learning Mandarin (she took nearly a year off where she 'wasn't interested' in practicing).

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, download Princesses Learn Chinese in the Apple iTunes Store (FREE) and let me know what you (or your kids) think!


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KatieC said...

This looks great, Miranda! I have heard a lot of controversy about "girly" books, but I have to disagree. There is nothing wrong with being a girly girl, and I know this will be a big hit at my house : )

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