Monday, September 19, 2011

Mommy Monday: 10 Reasons Why Writing for Children is Easier for Moms

Today is a "glass half full" day.

While there are plenty of reasons why a career in writing is harder for Moms, that's not my focus today.

So, if you're a mom and children's writer, I'm sure you'll find a bit of inspiration in this list of my experiences.

Miranda Paul's List
10 Reasons Why Writing for Children is Easier for Moms

10.  Your house is already "cloudy with a chance of meatballs," etc. - take advantage of being surrounded by great setting ideas and interesting characters.  You don't need an imagination, really, just eyes and ears.

9.  You've got built-in cheerleaders who don't roll their eyes when you jump up and down if there's a bear card from Highlights in the mailbox...they jump for joy with you!  (I'm told these bear cards are a good sign...dunno...first one came Saturday!)

8.  When your kids try to tell you to get out of their rooms, you can simply say you're "doing research."

7.  Hmmm...Isn't that a work expense?

6.  You don't have to make special trips to a bookstore, library, park, etc. to observe how "kids today behave."

5.  When you get a rejection, you've got built in support more than willing to dish you up a bowl of ice long as they get one too.

4.  Bedtime story + quick notes = two birds with one stone.

3.  When you win stickers and book prizes on author blogs and Twitter, your kids are happy (and they'll defend you when hubby says the Internet is a waste of time...).

2.  Motherhood is a time of real "roll up your sleeves" humility; would you really have done so much work on a 300-word story in college?  Take advantage of your work ethic - it's what makes you stand out above other writers.

1.  If you ever feel like giving up, just picture the dedication line of your next book.  Works every time.

Now, your turn:

Why do you love being a mom and writer?  Or grandmom?  Daddy?

Or, if you don't have kids, what aspects of your lifestyle make children's writing easier for you?

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