Monday, August 29, 2011

Mommy Monday: Meet Artist/Illustrator Terry Howell Stanley

With a slight change in Wisconsin weather this Monday to cool, fall-like breezes - my Mommy Monday guests also offers a slight change from the ordinary AuthorMom interview.  Terry Howell Stanley is not only a mom and grandma, but she's an illustrator!

Terry Howell Stanley:  A Self-Portrait
Terry Howell Stanley has been a full-time artist for 15 years. She's had the opportunity to study with some of today's best artists and specializes in portraiture -- although she enjoys painting still life and landscape as well.

Now, let's see if I can ask her some questions that will 'paint the picture' of who she is.  (Ok, puns are done.)

Miranda:  So -- give everyone the scoop.  Whose that adorable little one in your life right now?

Terry:  I have 3 kids and one adorable, genius grandson.  *smile*

Miranda:  I know you've painted hundreds - maybe thousands? of portraits and landscapes.  But tell us more about the children's books you've illustrated.

Terry:  I've illustrated 4 "readers" (schoolbooks), two childrens books (one in progress) and technical illustrations (like step-by-step guides).

Miranda:  You mentioned that one book is in progress.  What can you tell us about that project and other things you're working on at the moment?

Terry:  Working on a book about pups and pirates right now and taking orders for portraits of people and pets for holiday gift-giving.

Miranda:  Oooh - gift giving and pets. Do you incorporate real people (and real pets) into your artwork?  What about your children and grandchildren?  Do real people and animals inspire you, then?

Terry:  My 32 year-old daughter has MS: She inspires me by her perseverance and determination to live a "normal" life. I have been known to sneak people and pets I know in as characters/"supporting casts" in some of my projects - the one I'm working on now will have quite a few of them. 

Miranda:  What advice do you have for moms with young children or who are just starting out on the path toward a career in children's writing or illustrating?

Terry:  Keep it light but have an underlying message. Remember your audience may turn out to be large and sensitivity to social issues can be important in getting your book published and/or distributed.

Miranda:  Great advice.  That seems to come from years of wisdom and experience.  Speaking of which, I know art came a little later in life for you.  What were you up to before being an artist?

Terry:  My first career was in law enforcement and I received advanced training as a police artist/forensic reconstructionist at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. How many people get TWO careers they love in one lifetime? My work is much more pleasant now! 

Miranda:  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  It was great to have you!

You can view more of Terry Howell Stanley's amazing illustrations, oil paintings, portraits and landscapes at her website,

Thanks for reading - and feel free to leave Terry a comment or question!



Kelly Hashway said...

I really admire anyone who can draw. I wish I could. Great interview. Best of luck to Terry.

Miranda Paul said...

I wish I could draw as well, too! Terry is amazing. I've seen her huge paintings at her gallery...such talent! Thanks for stopping by.

Claudine Gueh said...

Nice interview! I'm impressed with artists too (and the fact that she was with the FBI!)

Miranda Paul said...

I cool is that?

Katrina said...

Beautiful work. I wish I could paint. I can only do black-and-white pencil drawings. LOVELY.

Miranda Paul said...

I know! Painting is something I could never do.

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