Monday, July 11, 2011

Mommy Monday: Hardcover, Paperback, or Digital?

Over the weekend, I attended a baptism ceremony and, no surprise, gave books as gifts.  As a mother who much prefers hardcover books for children under the age of 8, I gave all hardcover books––two of which were the "sturdy" hardcover books with extra thick board pages. 

I have to say, above all other forms of books, my favorite is hardcover.  Considering the fact that the majority of books that survived my childhood and now sit on my children's bookshelves are hardcover ones, I know they last longer.  But I also realize they are much more expensive.

So, for practical reasons, not every book in our household is hardcover.  There's a variety of hardcover, paperback, and digital books.  And we use all of them.  But the hardcover ones sit nicer on the shelf, and wear better when being read. 

Even my children seem to prize them more–choosing the hardcover ones more often at bedtime or storytime.  If I could, I'd buy only hardcover.  But like any family on a budget, I choose hardcover for the ones that they're likely to read again and again.

But lately, I've been editing more and more children's books that are being released strictly as paperback or digital storybooks...without a hardcover edition available on the market.  What do you think about the future of the hardcover picture book?  Do you like hardcover children's books as much as our family does?  Do you buy exclusively hardcover, or are you practical, like our family?

Thoughts welcomed.  And happy Monday!

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KatieC said...

I love hardcover, as well! Like your family, though, we rarely buy the much more expensive hardcovers (at least we don't buy them new).

I don't mind reading paperback, though. I haven't given much thought yet to a digital picture book, but I think my girls would love them!

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