Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should Picture Book Authors have Agents?

I'm preparing my first-ever manuscripts to send off to traditional picture book publishers today.  (Actually, I began this process in January).  I plan to send them within a week.  The work has been exhausting - trying to find the appropriate market, only to realize they are closed to submissions unless you have a fairy godmother/agent.

A lot of writers I know say they love their agent, and are so glad to have one.  The majority, however, are YA authors.  While I hope to finish my YA novel some day, I'm primarily a picture book author for now.  I've been told it's harder to get an agent when you write mostly or exclusively picture books.   I combed the entire agent list provided by the SCBWI and came up with 22 "possible" agent matches.  Upon visiting their websites, I've narrowed that selection to 14.  Since some of them prefer to read material that has not been submitted to publishers, to whom should I first send off my work - an editor or an agent?  Or both at the same time (although I'm a stickler for rules...)?

What do you think?  Is this true?  Are agents only for novel writers?  Do you have an agent?  What's your story?

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Kelly Hashway said...

I have an agent who reps my middle grade and young adult novels. She doesn't handle picture books, so I'm on my own with them. I continue to submit them to editors and hope for the best.

I see no harm in subbing to agents and editors at the same time. Why not?

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