Friday, December 17, 2010

Eleven To-Dos Before 2011

As the holiday nears, and reflections of 2010 race through my mind, I began making a "to do" list of things I forgot to do this year.  Hopefully, over the next two weeks, I can get enough done so that 2011 starts off on the top of a "done" pile.  I'd rather not spend January digging out from the previous year.  It's always best to start a New Year with, of course, something new.

So, I've decided to share my "Eleven To-Dos Before 2011."  My hope is that publishing it out there, on the web, will hold me more accountable for getting them done.  We writers know how easy it is to become distracted when there is no boss waggling a finger!  So, here is what I hope to do in the next two weeks:

1.  Compile clippings, hyperlinks, and PDFs of my published writing in 2010.  (I began doing this, but some are laying in a box on the shelf, not sorted, while other files are scattered on my computer).

2.  Finish adding up all of my work expenses for this year (e.g. find those ink cartridge receipts stashed away in a drawer).

3.  Send thank yous to my editors, clients, and writing/critique group members (note:  I'm allowing e-cards as a satisfactory fulfillment).

4.  Back up all of my files (although I do this regularly, I want to save them in a second place - just in case).

5.  Get a professional photo of me taken (although I love my avatars and casual pics with kids, an editor-friend of mine has finally convinced me to pose for the camera - watch out world!)

6.  Pay my husband's library fines.  (Ok, this doesn't have to do with my work, but indirectly it does!  Everyone knows me at the library because I'm always there, and as a writer.  Even though it's not my fault, I'm worried if the $6 he owes from not returning his books on time doesn't get paid soon, they'll hunt me down...)

7.  Get client testimonials.  (I get regular feedback, but I'd love to have more to work with - and it's always nice to hear how great your work is.  What a great way to end a year or start a new one!).

8.   Clear the clutter.  (Again).

9.  Review my list of "writing ideas" and cross off the ones I actually wrote in 2010!  Woo hoo! (although, there's a list as long as can be of more ideas...)

10.  Set a new goal or resolution for 2011.  (For 2010, my New Year's Resolution was to make writing more than a passionate hobby or occasional job.  27 clients, 12 publications, 1 conference, four writers groups, a 3rd place prize in a national contest, and several paychecks later, I'd say:  mission definitely accomplished.)

And last but not least...

11.  Take one ENTIRE DAY completely off.  No writing, typing, checking email, or reading anything but road signs or fridge magnets.  Why?  Oh, let me count the ways...

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