Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magazine Snobs: Is Avoiding the Magazine Market Smart?

Obviously, I'm not one of "them."  Entirely, anyway.  My writing has appeared in several magazines for the adult market.

But, when considering my venture into the children's market, I straddle the fence on this issue–as apparently, do many other unpublished writers.

It shocked me at first when I ran into picture book or novel writers refusing to write or submit works to magazines, or take others' advice that their story is perfect for a particular magazine market.  If someone wants to buy your writing, aren't you supposed to jump for joy?

As I'm learning more and more about the publishing industry in general, and the children's picture book market, I'm softening up to the "Magazine Snobs."  Though I'm still not sure which children's markets I'll submit my writing to, I have to admit–I've considered avoiding magazines altogether, even though my daughter does subscribe to a few pretty cool ones.

In my quest to understand this industry, I've met stellar writers on both sides of the issue.  Each one has valid professional reasons for their choice.  Above all, each of these writers is a loveable, fantastic human being.  So, I've come to use the term "Snob" in good humor  (who knows, maybe I'm a closet snob–so I'd better be nice about it)!

Since I have tons of write-for-hire and ghostwriting experience, I would love to see my own work in hardcover with my name printed at the top.  The romance surrounding the idea is alluring, and I'd love to leave that legacy for my own kids.  Will submitting my stories to children's magazines get me closer to publishing my first picture book?  Numerous sources say yes.  Others say no.

I think I'll stay on the fence for awhile.  I'm not in a rush.  That fact, above any other, might be the saving grace that eventually lands me a publishing contract.

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Erin said...

Personally, I think starting out in magazines is great. For one thing, it's easier to get your work in a magazine than get a book published. There are plenty of small magazines that offer a great place to start. And it's a real moral booster when you get accepted too!

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