Sunday, February 21, 2010

Writers: What Printer Do you Use?

Computers are wonderful.  They store hundreds of documents, manuscripts, cover and query letters.  there's just one thing that they can't do on their own–print hard copies!

As I revise and finalize some of my drafts into polished pieces (and I am getting much closer!), the pressing need for a better printer looms overhead.  My pee-wee inkjet that sucks down ink cartridges like it's water in the desert.  And I swear, it must have humps like a camel, storing the ink somewhere...because I can't believe how few pages actually get printed per round of cartridges!

So, to all you writers out there, adhering to publisher's requests and sending hard copies out until publication graces your work:  What printer do you use?

I'm assuming that most of you are like me:  on a budget, have a family that's probably going to use it even if you strictly say it's your 'home office' printer, and are so busy that replacing cartridges can be a two week task...(you know, the flashing red light sort of grows on you).

Laser?  Ink Jet?  Color?  Black and White?  Duplexing?  One paper tray?  Brand?  Affordable supplies?  Long-lasting toner?

Oh, and please recommend one that doesn't jam up all the time!

Your advice is totally welcomed!  Please comment below.  You'll be doing the right thing!

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