Monday, February 1, 2010

Black History Month: Rich Inspiration for Children's Books

Today marks the first day of two important events in my household:  Black History Month and the commencement of my first Picture Book Marathon. 

Using a wealth of stories and inspiration from great African-American leaders, cultural heritage and more, I've decided that my first of 26 picture books written this month will be a fable/tale based on the African & Caribbean character "Anansi," and his first trip to America.

For those unfamiliar with Anansi, he is a notorious spider that has been wreaking havoc in African and Caribbean tales alike for generations.  Growing up on a Caribbean island, my husband admits he loved reading Anansi stories and now he is beginning to pass on these tales to our children.

I am excited to begin the process of writing Anansi's journey to the New World.  What will bring him there?  What inspiring characters will he meet?  Will his unruly behavior continue or will he work hard to change and achieve what no one thought possible for such a sneaky character? 

And, we'll see if the work gets written in Creole or English...or both (like many of the books)!

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