Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introduction: A Short Biography of Miranda "Sibo" Paul

Miranda Paul is a native of Green Bay, WI.  The daughter of a teacher and an entrepreneur, she quickly excelled at all things academic.  At the age of 15 she discovered her passion for adventure and exploration and became the first of her family to obtain a passport and live abroad. 

Miranda obtained a degree in English from Saint Mary's College of Maryland, and founded a Gambian Teacher internship before completing her degree from the institution.  During her original service in The Gambia, the smallest country in Africa, Miranda was honored with a Gambian namesake and was given her own naming ceremony (hence the name "Sibo").  In 2004, the President of Gambia himself invited Miranda and several others to return to the country for a cultural festival.

Miranda was fortunate enough to find her soul mate at the age of 23 and married her Creole-speaking husband in a stunning island wedding that integrated their two cultures.

Eager to dedicate more of their time and talents toward providing opportunities for the impoverished, Miranda and her husband founded A Better Footprint in 2007.   The non-profit Fair Trade organization now markets and sells products from over 25 nations and helps preserve authentic, handmade crafts and traditions for many indigenous peoples.  Over 400 families have benefited directly from their efforts.

In 2009, Miranda and her husband welcomed their son Amani Harris into the world.

To date, she has traveled to ten countries on three continents and lives locally when traveling.

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